3 Ideas for Video Marketing

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3 Ideas for Video Marketing

How To Use Video To Market Your Business

Video marketing is similar to marketing in general. The old adage still applies, “don’t tell it, show it”, and we couldn’t agree more. Why make your clients read through pages of information on a website or marketing brochure. This gets tedious and boring for everyone. That’s where video comes in. So below we’ve outlined three ideas for video marketing you can use to help grow your business.

1. Hold a Weekly Live Stream With Q&A

This is an idea we don’t think anyone is using, which is great because it means you’ll be totally fresh by doing it! What do we mean by live Q&A session? With social media services streaming live via your business page is easier than ever. The idea works like this, formulate a script with 5 or 6 main topics you think your customers might have trouble with. Come up with some standard examples of the problems and how your company manages these problems differently.

Take the case of a local dentist office:

  • Patients might be worried about the cost of your services?
  • They also might be worried about pain during a procedure?
  • Maybe they have an irrational fear of going to the dentist in general?

These are all great topics that might not be easily conveyed over a simple 30 second marketing commercial. Once you have your topics chosen, simply write them out on a sheet of paper in a 1-2-3 format. You’ll start the Live Broadcast touching on these topics, explaining that you’d love for viewers to post questions in the comments and you’ll answer them at the end. Additionally you might have the office manager and the primary dentist on camera discussing these topics together. Then at the end of the video you’ll both take time to scroll through the comments and directly answer questions posted by the audience.

Video Set Design
Choosing a comfortable set for your video is important, it should be professional, yet down to earth with lots of light.

Things to consider:

  • Keep each session short – maybe 10-15 minutes depending on the amount of questions asked and their complexity.
  • Take time to consider your setting, chairs, lighting, ancillary lighting, camera(s)
  • Make a commitment to your clients and stick to it – Set a Live Stream schedule, once per week, for 2 months during the slow season. Once per month for 6 months, or something similar. Whatever you decide it’s important to stick to it, this builds trust and accountability in the eyes of your clients. (Don’t get discouraged if the turnout isn’t viral over night. Keep at it! )
  • Use additional channels to market your scheduled Live broadcasts, as well as posting on social media on the days leading up to the event. Send an email informing your clients you’ll be hosting such an event.
  • Offer something they’ll only get when they watch your live video, in the case a dentist maybe it’s some free whitening strips, or a free second consultation.
Filming interviews, record an interview
When filming any interview, consider area lighting, natural light direction, time of day, and sound interference.

Of course we’d be happy to film it for you, so all you’ll need to worry about is looking snazzy! We’ll take care of lighting, seating, use of up to 3 cameras for great shots and produce it Live directly to your Facebook page. We’ll also help direct questions and provide branding graphics for before and after the video.  Click to Contact Us.

2. Create A Company Overview

You may know your company in and out but potential customers may not. Make it easy for them to get to know you, your staff and what your business is all about with an easy company overview video. To be honest these are our favorite to shoot. A lot of times they’re less scripted, more fun and less stressful to shoot. There are many different ways to approach these types of videos but a great place to start is simply filming what a day in the life of your business looks like. Be sure to capture all the in’s and out’s, especially if you craft goods.

Company Overview Videos - Business Man Working
Company overview videos show clients your business is serious, they show the passion you put into your work.

Where to Promote Your Marketing Video: 

  • Social Media is a great place to start – Be sure to share your video on all your channels, maybe pin it to the top of facebook for new viewers to see.
  • Website – Add a page to your website with the video center stage, then add some options for how they can get in contact.
  • Email Newsletter – Send an email update to your client base, even if old clients who know your business see the video it’ll instill greater trust. They’ll see your company is a live and actively working to grow.

Let us handle the heavy lifting and deliver something amazing! Company Overview Videos Under $999. Click to Contact Us.

3. Marketing Videos For Seasonal Product Introduction

Think about where we’d be without Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte or worse, if they just didn’t tell anyone about it? If your business relies on seasonal products then this is a great way to spark interest in your brand. In the case of a florist, a quick 30-45 second video featuring your main floral designer and his/her best seasonal designs can quickly go viral.

Image of red apples - article describing seasonal product marketing
Tell your customers about seasonal products to create a buzz that shows them your business is alive and fresh!

The more you plan the better for these videos. Pick your different seasons and write out what makes them special for your business. Then create a list of 3 or 4 products you know you’ll have for a limited time and why they’re so great.

Creating Your Video

Now start your video with an introduction, type everything out if you need to. Introduce yourself and your business and how excited you are to tell everyone about your chosen 3-4 products. Finally, for an added bonus, give the viewers a special offer and tell them how they can order or make a purchase.

As with the previous idea, we recommend distributing the video to the same places. Then for the next one, start posting a week or two in advance about your new products or services. This can create buzz around waiting for you to release the next video.

Tip: When posting on Facebook, try to make your post similar to a post you’d see by an average user. Something less in-your-face “businessy”. This way users who would otherwise scroll past the post in their feed will be more inclined to read it.

Marketing in general, including video marketing isn’t an exact science so we recommend planning 3 or 4 videos ahead of time and staying committed to making all of them.


Getting new customers through marketing isn’t always easy, it takes work, but with the right tools and a thoughtful approach attracting your ideal customer is easier than ever. We hope these three ideas for video marketing helped give you some clarity on how powerful video marketing can be for your business.

What’s your take on video marketing, did we miss a great idea, leave us a comment below.

If you’re in the Dallas, Texas area, (or elsewhere in the country) give us a call. We’d love to put these video marketing ideas and many others to work for your business. Click here to book a shoot.

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