Dallas Corporate Event Videos

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Business Conferences and Summit Videos Made Easy

Corporate event videos and conferences are a large part of what we do. Whether it’s a small gathering, or a large panel of 5 or 6 executives. We love creating great content for the business we serve. With several options available we can successfully capture your event in several different ways that meet your budget.

Business Conference Videos From Multiple Camera Angles

We pride ourselves on having the knowledge and expertise to setup our equipment in a way that meets your videography needs without disturbing your guest. Taking time to consult with you on the style and schedule of your event to ensure we capture all key elements. With a choice of 2 or 3 cameras we can ensure each speaker is captured from several angles for documentary purposes for use many years later. For large events we can even make use of equipment like camera cranes and specialty stage lighting.

Corporate Event Videos with Clear Audio

High quality corporate event videos are just one part of the equation, this is why we put a high focus on capturing clear audio that doesn’t rely on the venues P/A system. This allows us to ensure there’s no static from sub par wireless microphones or electronic interference.  Each corporate event we capture uses an array of microphones stationed around the room to ensure we’re capturing every word clearly for your videos. In addition, each speaker is always given a lavaliere microphone to ensure their voice is captured clearly. Having a large panel discussion? No problem, our lavalieres and audio equipment are always configured so that each person is on their own audio channel, allowing our editors to cleanly cut speech dialogue so the discussion continues naturally.

No Fuss Editing

At the end of each event you can be sure you’ll receive a copy of all your footage and audio on a hard drive for your internal use and editing. However; our editors are skilled at quickly and effortlessly combining all of your footage in manageable sections that follow your provided schedule for one low price. In addition we’ll also ask that you provide us with a copy of your logo and brand standards document which we’ll use to create a simple and quick introduction at the beginning of each video along with lower thirds that match your style.

Dressed to Impress

We take our business seriously and we know you do as well. That’s why all of our photographers always arrive dressed in business attire, ready to match the class of your event.

Dallas Event Photography

Do you need more than video? Ask about our event photography services, while we’re there we’d be happy to capture high quality photos of your entire event so you’ll have plenty of media to use for all your needs. Dallas Event Photography Information

B-Roll & Event Highlight Videos

If you’re interested in a high marketing value highlight video, typically 30s-1 minute long. Be sure to ask about how we can capture additional B-roll of your event. We’ll combine all your footage along with the additional B-Roll and key subject mater to create a high energy video that looks great for marketing or social media purposes.

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