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Social media is an awesome place to gather with friends, especially when it comes to promoting or sharing your event. However; it’s not always possible for everyone to be present, so Live streaming is an excellent resource to transcend the bounds of the average venue.

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is the same thing you’ve probably done on your personal facebook page a dozen times. (If not no worries) Basically it’s transmitting a live feed directly from your phone out to your friends or followers. Our system works similarly, only instead of transmitting from a phone (which we do sometimes) we transmit from high end cameras and instead of sending one video signal, we mix up to 4 video signals. We also throw in fancy graphics designed around your event style.

Who uses Live Streaming?

Anyone, no seriously. Today’s world is all about what’s happening now, right this moment. What better way to show your family, customers, clients or coworkers what your event is all about than with a live feed. Once the feed goes live, let the sharing, liking and commenting commence. We recommend having someone ready to reply to comments but it’s not always necessary.

Services we specialize in:

  • Wedding Live Streaming Services
  • Corporate Event Live Streaming Services
  • Non profit volunteer Event Live Streaming
  • Music Event Live Streaming Services
  • Family Reunion Live Streaming Services

Available Streaming Channels:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Custom Landing Pages with youtube stream are available. Ex. www.myliveevent.com

What’s typically Included:

  • Up to 4 mobile video channels
  • The ability to connect to a guests iphone
  • Custom graphics overlays
  • 6-8 hours of coverage
  • Buttery smooth always stabilized footage
  • Well dressed great looking crew

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