How Long Does a Video Shoot Take?

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How Long Does a Video Shoot Take?

Time and Resources

Shooting video can take as long as the project details outline. What this means is that the ultimate amount of time a shoot takes is based on how complicated the concept is? In short most of our videos take anywhere from 3-4 hours, to a full 8-10 hour day. This can vary significantly based on the project requirements though.

We’ve outlined some things to consider below.

  • Do you have many locations you’d like featured in your video?
  • Subject detail? What is your film highlighting? If a lot of attention must be given to each element in order to capture enough content. Things like custom fixtures for a home builder. This could turn a 3 hour shoot into a 5 hour shoot.
  • Do you serve many customers across town and need to visit them to capture footage of your employees working?
  • The size of the area you’d like filmed, specifically on luxury real-estate shoots this can be a factor in the time it takes to shoot.

Some Additional Considerations:

  • Consider the time of day you’d like your video to take place. Early morning for outdoor service companies looks great. If your a restaurant owner, maybe sunset would work best to capture the natural light flowing in through the windows while you serve your first happy hour customers.
  • Would you like to be the voice of your video, or would you like to have a voice over artist record the script?
  • Would you like to interview people on camera?
  • Comfort level in front of camera? If you’d like to be filmed, how comfortable are you on camera?
  • Is there any special equipment to be filmed?
  • Time sensitive subjects? For example, we recently shot a golf course that didn’t want us visible to their players so we had to juggle available greens between players.
  • Audio can also play a role, if the area is very busy, or if there’s a possibility of a shoot being interrupted by loud machinery.

These are just some things to consider when trying to work out how long a shoot might take. We know small business are busy, so we do our best to make sure our shoots don’t take longer than a day.

Coordinating these things really excites us. We enjoy making this an easy process for our client and working these details out give us a better understanding of the project. When creating a concept we always have a solid game plan that includes all the materials we need to plan out each shot and capture everything as efficiently as possible.

Even better, our prices are fixed. So if for some reason it takes our team longer than initially planned to capture your shots it comes at no additional charge.

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