3 Ways High Quality Video Commercials Can Improve Your Marketing

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3 Ways High Quality Video Commercials Can Improve Your…

Boosts Conversions and Sales

Businesses are capitalizing in ever sector through the use of video commercials. It’s no secret our digital experience has transformed over the last few years. Regardless of whether you create something big or small or whether it goes viral, you can still benefit from a quality production about your product or service.

In fact, one study found that a product video commercial on your landing page can increase conversation rates by 80%!

What this means is that out of those who express interest in your services nearly 80% will become a customer once they’ve seen your video.

Another fact is that Explainer Videos have an outstanding 74% conversion rate! These are your potential customers who subsequently purchase the product or service featured in the video. The numbers don’t lie, the immense value video can bring to your business is outstanding.

Excellent Return on Investment

The cost to produce a short video is relatively inexpensive to the revenue they generate. With our videos starting at $899, clients need very few customers to cover the cost, in some cases only just 1 and the great thing about video is that it’s working for you long after it’s produced.

Videos Build Trust

We all know it is about creating a relationship with our target audiences, especially if you market heavily online. Video is the simple and affordable answer, it is a powerful tool for your potential customers to get to know you, see how you operate and put faces and feelings to you and your products. There is no better way to become noticeable, needed and memorable.

Watch Our Latest Website Video Commercial

Meet American Water Damage, a subcontractor and damage restoration company. They wanted something that would touch on the emotions of what they do for their clients. Something that would convey the grief a customer goes through when faced with damage to their home. With a budget of just under $3,000 we created this stunning video that spanned the course of 3 months of production and included several filming locations. They had an even bigger surprise when the total cost of their video came in at just under $2,300. Check it out below, let us know what you think in the comments, then click here or give us a call to schedule a shoot for your business.

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