Increase Traffic with a How-To Business Video

Increase Traffic with a Business How-To Video Video Marketing

Increase Traffic with a How-To Business Video

Making a How-to video for your business is an easy way to drive traffic for your next marketing project. Working in any field it’s easy to forget that those on the outside looking in don’t always understand the message we’re trying to convey. If you’re a web developer you do this every time you create a link that doesn’t immediately have “Click Here” spelled out within. We assume they’ll know what we’d like them to do. However this isn’t always the case.

This is where creating a business how-to video can help your customer better understand the product or service they’re about to use. Checkout the example below we created for Meals on Wheels.

We created this video on a very small budget in less than a single day. The goal was to answer a few key questions about the new service. Our secret goal was to show users the app was available and how easy it was to download. We also wanted to tell them about some key features that might entice them to use the app.

Below we’ve outlined some ideas that might help you when considering how to develop your video concept.

Create a How-To Video For Your Product

  • Outline some reasons someone might want to use your service or product?
  • Give an exact example of a situation were your service/product is helpful.
  • Show them in a few simplified steps, no more than 5, how to use your product for the above example.
  • Keep the video short, remember social media networks like Instagram and twitter put a cap on the total length of uploaded videos. Longer videos do work, but they must have a higher entertainment factor.

Increased Traffic Through Value

Consider the last time you had trouble with a product? Did you search for a how-to video to help you solve it? Chances are you did. How did it make you feel about the brand, knowing they had easily accessible content to help you with your problem?

Video marketing isn’t always about driving a direct sale, by increasing customer satisfaction you’re bringing even more value to your brand.


Remember, creating a how-to video isn’t always about showing every detail of the service, but rather enticing the viewer to use the product, or feel more comfortable doing business with your brand. In our example how-to video, we quickly outlined some easy things you can do with the new mobile app. Helping the user see that the new app is easy to use and does everything they’d need it to do. Presented by a personality they know and trust.

Still struggling with ideas for a How-To Video, checkout some of these examples below.

Show Personality

We love this video because it shows the personality of the host. If you’re planning on hosting your own how-to video, consider not scripting each word, but rather showing a genuine personality that will better help your viewers relate to you.

Budget or No Budget – Think Outside the Box

If you haven’t seen this video yet, take a minute and watch it. It’s hilarious, weird and captivating all at once. It wasn’t created for a direct marketing purpose that we can find, but it has a great hidden message. How-To videos don’t need to carry a huge budget–or for that matter–even be filmed properly, although that part makes us cringe a little. It’s a great illustration for how thinking outside the box about the problems your product solves is priceless.

For even more ideas on video marketing, checkout this article from Buffer.

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