Affordable Video Production

Affordable Video Production

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Make a Statement With Powerful Video Production Services

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Providing Affordable Video Production services in Dallas

We believe that creating commercial videos or branding videos shouldn’t cost a fortune. Small businesses deserve to have access to the type of commercial video production services that larger business have access to. This is why we focus on providing you with the best quality branded commercial videos for a fractions of the cost of other production companies.

Scene Complexity

Through the use of more or less expensive equipment the budget of a particular scene can vary . The amount of time required to capture a scene may vary as well. This is why we always do our best to quote one flat rate for your video production. This way you can feel confident you won’t experience last minute rate changes or additional bills during the filming process. The price we quote is the final price you pay.

What are your video production rates?

Because we focus on keeping our crew and production team small and by skillfully crafting each scene to maximize quality and minimize budget. Our business video commercial prices start at just $899 and range up to $4,500 depending on the level of complexity. Packages include everything from ad conception to stunning onsite footage and B-Roll, interviews and more. All combined by our editors to create one beautiful video for your business to enjoy for years to come.

Video is an investment

By making the decision to produce a video for your business you’re not just paying for a one time consumable item. A properly produced video will add value and help bring customers to your business long into the future. Videos help to reduce things like customer questions, produce greater customer loyalty, provide a sense of assurance your customer is choosing the right company for them and so much more. If one video valued at $1,500 helps secure over 10 new clients per year with an average revenue of $500 per client or in the case of Cutting Edge Dallas, over $8,000 per client. It’s easy to see how quickly your business could see a return on investment.

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