Dallas Drone Services

Dallas Drone Services

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On A Mission To Provide Stunning Drone Videos In Dallas

Does your project need a professional drone photographer or a professional drone video? Based in Dallas, TX we have a team of licensed professionals ready to get your project off the ground. We absolutely love capturing drone images for our clients, so much so that almost all of our video clients receive drone video at no additional charge in all of our video production packages.

The DFW Video Services Difference

Drones are meant to fly high and far, with today’s tech, our newest machine can fly higher than 1500 feet and further than 4 miles away. However, even though this is an amazing set of specs, we feel drone footage is best captured up close. It’s hard to see details from so far away and your videos deserve detail. GLORIOUS DETAIL!

Experience to Go Around

With over 11 years of experience flying single and multi rotor radio controlled vehicles our skills are second to none. Drone videos and photos are more than just slow pans and quick fly overs. Our team is trained to fly each drone to it’s maximum capabilities following all local rules and regulations to ensure safety is number one!

Do I need to hire you for a full video?

We’d love to produce your next video, and we know you’d love the results. But, either way our team would be happy to send a professional drone pilot to capture your video or photography project. Then simply provide you with the drone video footage or photos to your marketing team. We can even assist in color grading, editing and much more.

Great, how much does it cost?

High quality aerial images shouldn’t cost a fortune so we’ve priced our drone services competitively. Flights start at just $199.

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Dallas Drone Photography