These Dentists’ Search Ranking Surged When They Did This

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These Dentists’ Search Ranking Surged When They Did This

Gaining Community Engagement With Video Marketing

Dental school never trained Amee and Andy to be marketing experts, but they knew that they wanted their community in Justin, TX to not only know about the services they provide, but also about what drives them to do what they do.

They wanted to tell their story of their business and do it in a cost efficient way at minimal risk. As health care providers, not a marketing experts with unlimited resources – they sought something that could provide a good return on investment. When they learned that video can increase a website’s search ranking exponentially, they realized this was the perfect opportunity to make an investment that could accomplish both of their goals. 

Capitalizing on Updated Search Algorithms

In 2013 google released a new search algorithm called Hummingbird that focused on user intent versus an exact search query. This helps websites rank higher because a video typically displays general product or brand overview information. Google being the good search engine it is, will then try and serve websites with videos faster than those without because the user will generally be able to attain more information related to their search more quickly.

Give it try the next time you do a google search, chances are you’ve already seen it at least one time today. Lookup how to make pumpkin bread, or how to program a remote control for your garage door opener. 99% of the time you’ll be shown a video of what you’re looking at the top of the page. Your business is no exception and customers are searching each day for services just like your’s or in the case of Amy and Andy–dentistry–and how they might benefit from choosing you over the competition.

Increase search ranking with video
How a search can yield a video result faster than a web page.

Now back to the case of Amy and Andy. After working together we helped them formulate three simple goals for their video.

  1. Create a video that illustrated that they’re not only service providers but also a part of the community they seek to serve.
  2. Increase brand value and drive traffic to their website by showcasing their background, family values and morals.
  3. To stay within their small business budget.

If you haven’t already, watch the results above. Videos like these help narrow the gap between a potential customer and a life long client. Introducing yourself and your business can be crucial when a customer is on the fence about choosing your business.

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